As your local air conditioning installation Glendale AZ company, we are committed to providing comfort and satisfaction to our customers. When you want to keep your house comfortable during the hot and dry summer months, our air conditioning installation service is needed.

If you have a new-construction home or need to replace an old unit, we are the ones to call. We understand that the various makes and models of ac units Glendale AZ can be confusing, so our first order of business is to ensure you select the perfect equipment for your home or business.

The first step in determining the right unit for your home is to evaluate the house’s heat gain. This calculation is easy to gain and helps to determine the size of the unit needed. The most substantial factor influencing the size of the unit you need is where you live.

However, a variety of other factors affect the size of the unit required for your particular situation. One of these factors is the amount of wall and attic insulation in the home. Another factor includes the types of windows and doors in the house.

Even the orientation of your house, compared to the sun, can influence this decision. This evaluation also helps to reveal the different advantages and disadvantages of upgrading the insulation. The more energy-efficient your home is, the smaller the size of the air conditioner you may need.

Once the heat-gain calculation is complete, our expert will recommend a particular size of the air conditioner. The size will be expressed in tonnage or BTU per hour. It is vital to get the proper size of the air conditioner because an undersized device will not cool the house properly.

This undersized unit will also be more expensive to run because it will operate longer than a properly sized ac unit. The same is true for an oversized compressor. It will cost you more because the unit will take more electricity to run.

An oversized unit can cause your rooms to feel clammy and damp because it may not lower humidity effectively. This unit’s size may cool the air and turn off so quickly that it does not have the chance to circulate enough air past the coils to remove the moisture.

After you and our expert determine the unit’s perfect size, he or she will discuss efficiency with you. The effectiveness of an ac unit is expressed by SEER (seasonal energy-efficiency rating). The higher the SEER, the less it will cost you to operate the unit.

The last step in the installation is the determine which unit type. Most brands offer two types, which are a ‘package system’ and ‘split system.’ The package system is infrequent because the condenser is inside with the fan-and-coil system. Typically, most people install the split system where the condenser is located outside the home while the fan-and-coil system is inside.

If you are ready to install a new air conditioning system, call us today for more information. We are prepared to ensure your comfort.